Marie Lueder /sun at night / Berlin 2024

                                                 Florentina Holzinger /ophelia’s got talent/ Volksbühne Berlin 2023

                                                 Shade Théret/amatter/ entertainment in 3 acts/ Cittipunkt Berlin 2022

                                                 Sanna Helena Berger /concrete arguments/ Leipziger Strasse. 54 Berlin 2023

                                                 Shade Théret & Magdalena Mitterhofer /hellcat/ Pogo Bar, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin 2023

Shade Théret and Magdalena Mitterhofer /splendid/ Very, Berlin 2020

photographer - artist
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Emma Dudlyke is a London and Berlin-based photographer, artist and artistic director. Inspired by her travels and the various worlds she encounters, her photographs are characterised by a tonal richness and depth in their organic compositions, as well as a painterly quality.

Applying a playful and inquisitive eye across her photographic practice, Dudlyke maintains a careful integrity of purpose with her characteristic flourishes of tonal richness and depth in her organic compositions. She pays close attention to the transitory luminescence observed at the meeting points of dayand night, and uses the unique painterly qualities of light and tone to create her surreal landscapes. It is this combination of receptive discipline and vibrant zeal that forms the coherent thread spanning across her wide-ranging body of work.

Her ongoing body of work Bad Husbandry, developed in collaboration with artistic director Cara Shurey, brings together the rich worlds of horticulture, agriculture and ecology. Depicting allotment scenes, this series is an invitation to take a stroll in the midst of a blooming nature.
From worn tarpaulin to stripped down poppies and bright blue skies, every single detail is documented as a sight of glory and delight.

Merging the visual languages of contemporary art, documentary and fashion, Dudlyke has collaborated with Sketch London, Clo Studios, Nike. Showcased at the Photo Vogue Festival 2018 in Milan and Canopy Collections’ 2021 show hosted at the Van Gogh House.

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British Vogue
Purple FR


Sketch London
Clo Studios
Studio Olafur 


Pictures for Purpose [2023]
Grotto at Ridley Road Project Space [2022]
Canopy Collections at Van Gogh House [2021]
Photo Vogue Italia, Fondazione Prada [2018]